Khi học tiếng Anh giao tiếp những bài học cơ bản nhất định các bạn phải nhớ và đây bài cơ bản sẽ giúp các bạn khi bắt đầu làm quen với một ai đó cũng như hỏi thăm sức khoẻ…

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Bài 1: What’s your name?

T: Hi!
M: Hello!
T: What’s your name?
M: I’m Mary. What’s your name?
T: My name’s Tom. Nice to meet you.
M: Nice to meet you, too.


Bài 2: How old are you?

T: Hello. I’m Tom. Nice to meet you.
M: Hi. My name’s Mary. Nice to meet you, too.
T: How old are you, Mary?
M: I’m six years old. And you?
T: I’m six years old, too.


Bài 3: How do you spell your name?

T: Excuse me! I’m Tom. What’s your name?
M: Hi Tom, my name’s Mary.
T: Pardon?
M: It’s Mary.
T: How do you spell your name?
M: M-A-R-Y. Mary.
T: Oh, thank you. Nice to meet you.
M: Nice to meet you, too.


Bài 4: This is his face

Look! This is a clown.
This is his nose. It’s green.
This is his tongue. It’s red.
This is his hair. It’s blue.
His eyes are black.
His lips are pink.


Bài 5: My classroom

Hello. My name’s Hugo. This is my classroom.
This is my desk. It’s a small desk.
This is our globe. It’s heavy.
That is a television. It’s big.
My class has a computer. The computer is for everyone.


Bài 6: Is that a car?

T: That’s right. This is a blue car.
M: Is that a truck?
T: No, it isn’t. It’s a taxi.
M: It’s yellow, Tom. Oh! I see a bike over there.
T: It isn’t a bike, Mary. It is a motorbike.
M: Is it fast, Tom?
T: Yes, it is.


Bài 7: What is this?

T: Look, class! I have a rectangle. What color is this?
M: It is purple.
T: That’s right! I have a purple rectangle. And what is this, Mary?
M: It’s a cross. A yellow cross.
T: Good job! And what is this? Hugo, please!
H: It’s a grey circle.
T: Yes. And what color is this?
M: It’s pink.
T: Right! This is a pink star.


Bài 8: It’s a long ruler

T: Look! That is my book. It’s thick.
M: And this is my book. It’s thin.
T: This is my ruler. It’s short.
M: Oh! I have a ruler, too. It’s long.
T: And this is my eraser. It’s small.
M: I have a big eraser. That is my schoolbag.
T: Wow! It’s a heavy schoolbag.
M: That’s right.
T: My schoolbag is light.


Bài 9: Tom is a bad boy?

Hi. My name is Tom. I’m six years old.
This is my schoolbag. It’s clean.
I am strong.
I am fast.
I am good.


Bài10: My pants are blue.

Hi. My name is Mary.
This is my wardrobe.
I have a coat. It’s blue.
I have a skirt. It’s yellow.
I have gloves. They are green.
I have shoes. They are red.


Bài 11: There’s a birthday cake on the table

My name is Nick. I’m seven years old.
Today is my birthday. I’m in the living room with my parents and friends.
There is a cake on the table.
There are balloons, cookies, watermelons and pineapples on the table, too.
There are seven candles on the cake.
There is chocolate on the cake. I like chocolate.


Bài 12: Let’s count

Hello everyone. I’m Mary. This is my classroom. There are ten desks and twenty chairs here.
There are many books and pencils on our desks. That’s computer. It’s next to the board.
There is a picture on the wall. There’s also one globe under the teacher’s table.
I love my classroom so much.


Bài 13 : Stand up!

Be quiet.
Don’t talk, class.
Stand up, please.
Open your book, Trang.
Look at the picture.
Sit down, please.


Bài 14 : What do you do at break time?

What do you do at break time?
I play chess.
We play chess.
We don’t play football.


Bài 15: This is my family

There are five people in my family.
My parents, my sister, my brother and me.
Who’s that?
He’s my father.
She’s my mother.
She’s my sister.
He’s my brother.
Wow, they look very nice.